CARTA DE PRESENTACIÓN ¿Cómo la elaboramos?

Si decides irte de Au-pair tienes que preparar un Dossier con diversa información y documentación. Uno de esos documentos es una Carta de presentación que debes escribir en inglés y/o en la lengua del país donde vayas. No te tienes que preocupar demasiado por la perfección gramatical. Redáctala como mejor sepas,  y, lo más importante, trata de que refleje cómo eres tú, tu familia, tus aficiones,…

Para que te hagas una idea subimos al blog un ejemplo de una Carta de Presentación real. Pensamos que te puede ayudar…

Dear family:

My name is María, I´m 24 years old and I´m from Alicante (Spain).

I have just finished my University studies and I need a new experience and change in my life.

I have studied Technical Architecture in the Polytechnic School of the University of Barcelona.

My hobbies are: reading books (intrigue, detective story…), playing table games, taking  a walk on the beach, going out with my friends, watching classic films…

 I have been living away from home so I can deal with housework, any kind of it ironing, mopping, dusting,… I  started to do them at home years ago when my parents were working. They have a shop. When I am in Alicante I also give them a hand with the shop.

I passed my driving license five years ago, I drive often and this might be useful to you.

I love dogs. It is my favorite animal since I was a child, really I like all of them.

Besides I have worked as a salesgirl in a supermarket, my tasks were: open and close the establishment, place the articles on the shelf, general cleaning, service to customer and cash.

I have worked as a nanny with children a few times. My tasks were: Picking the children up from school, playing with them, giving them their snack, helping them to do their homework, put them to bed.

I have always got on well with the children, I enjoy playing and talking with them, I try to be their best friend.

My main aim is living a period out of my country, to know new places, new cultures and improve the language, I am very curious about architecture so this will give me the opportunity to study the architecture in your country, visit some museums, enroll on a course of painting or English, taste your gastronomy, know your habits and be part of them.

I always like work with children. When I had to choose my University studies, I was hesitating between teaching or Architecture. When I have worked with children, I have felt really comfortable.

I consider myself a well-mannered, calm, gentle, pleasant, responsible girl. I usually help my parents at home and I have lived 5 years away from home so I am independent but at the same time I have shared my space, living together with another people.

 I am a good teacher; I will help your kids in their homework. I always have obtained good marks in all my subjects, but I am exceptional in maths, science and design.

I´m sure that the experience will be very good, I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Yours sincerely.

María M. T.



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